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Our Story | Behind Forever Beaumore

Ngoc Nhi or as the Beaumore community loves to call her, “Mama Chung” started her skin care journey in Vietnam. Growing up she was surrounded by her aunts who influenced her with their generations of natural remedies and beauty secrets. From nature to face, they picked aloe plants to boost skin hydration and healing, crushed turmeric root into powder to calm inflammation and cooked bone broth to encourage skin firmness. The years went on and by her mid-thirties, Nhi found herself working long hours with multiple jobs and caring for her children. Self-care took a back seat and her skin appeared tired showing signs of stress and premature aging. On a trip home to Vietnam, her friend introduced her to a collagen drink from Japan and her first sip provoked memories of her aunts’ natural remedies and wisdom. She remembered the power of treating skin from the inside out and wanted to share this with everyone she knew. 

After returning from her trip, she shared this collagen drink with her friends and community and they began seeing positive changes in their skin. This buzz and excitement created a ripple effect and pretty soon everyone wanted to get their hands on this incredible beauty elixir. Forever Beaumore was born. 

Forever Beaumore has been dedicated to serving the community high quality skin care products for over 15 years. Beaumore combines ancient beauty ingredients with modern science to bring you the best of both worlds in skin healing, rejuvenation, and care. 

The name Beaumore is a combination of the words “more beautiful” and it has always been Mama Chung’s dream to make women feel beautiful. You’re invited to receive the beauty wisdom passed down from her aunts and experience the power of inside out beauty.

Cheers to health, wealth, and glowing skin!

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