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Different Types of Collagen

You have heard of collagen but did you know there are different types of collagen available on the market? There are an estimated 16 different types of collagen out there. 

The most common seen in supplements are type I and II. Type I collagen is the kind that is present in 90% of the body’s collagen and makes the most impact on the skin. This type is the main ingredient in Forever Beaumore’s Collagen Beauty Drinks. Signs of aging in the skin such as sagging, fine lines and wrinkles are caused by a reduction in type I collagen. Beaumore uses type I hydrolyzed marine collagen which has a high absorption rate due to the size of the peptides in the formulation process. These peptides have been broken down into smaller amino acid chains which provide a higher bioavailability for your body to absorb.

Type II collagen is commonly found in popular collagen brands. Type II collagen can be beneficial to the body as it offers support for joint health however it’s not as effective in boosting skin health. 

Powder formulas use a powder form of bovine or porcine derived collagen which isn’t as easily absorbed into the body as marine collagen peptides and require measuring and mixing into liquid to activate. These types have a very long shelf life which could mean you are ingesting a product that was potentially packaged several years prior to consumption. Most powder formulas also recommend daily supplementation as they contain less than 13,000mg collagen per serving. 

Beaumore’s marine collagen formula is sustainably made every 3 months from fisheries approved by the Aquaculture Certification Council. Quality and freshness is our biggest priority. We love making it fit effortlessly into anyone’s lifestyle as there isn’t any mixing or refrigeration required. One serving contains more than 20,000mg of marine collagen peptides as well as other skin supporting vitamins such as Vitamin C, Vitamin E, COQ10 and hyaluronic acid. Beaumore recommends only 2 servings per week to see visible results in one month and it tastes delicious on its own or mixed into a smoothie. 

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