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How The Collagen Beauty Drink Helps To Retain Skin Hydration

How The Collagen Beauty Drink Helps To Retain Skin Hydration

We are officially in the colder months which means the skin is most likely experiencing dehydration or dryness depending on your climate. Excess use of heat in the home or the car can zap moisture from the skin and the pressure of the holiday season upon us can also cause extra stress on the skin. Let’s take a dive into the ingredients in our Collagen Beauty Drink and see how sipping this beauty shot helps to boost skin hydration from the inside out. 

Hyaluronic acid - this ingredient helps the skin retain water helping to increase firmness and plump the skin for a radiant and youthful appearance.

Vitamin E - this protective antioxidant vitamin helps to reverse signs of damage, inflammation and skin aging caused by free radicals. It helps to form a protective barrier on the skin preventing moisture loss. 

COQ10 - this powerful antioxidant deeply hydrates and also helps your skin retain the moisture it already has while reducing impurities. 

Vitamin C - this repairing essential vitamin for the skin helps to prevent water loss that leads to dehydrated skin while also stimulating collagen and fighting oxidative stress. 

Marine collagen - our star ingredient helps to boost hydration and collagen production in the skin and with over 20,000mg of type 1 marine collagen peptides per serving. With nearly twice as much collagen than other collagen brands, it’s only necessary to drink 2 servings per week to see lasting benefits. The marine peptides found in the Collagen Beauty Drink are smaller in molecular size than bovine or porcine peptides therefore it is also more effective in stimulating collagen production in the body. 

For optimal skin hydration and nourishment this season, sip 2 Collagen Beauty Drinks per week. Learn more about the science behind the Collagen Beauty Drink here

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