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Treating from the Inside Out: Why Supplements are the Key to Preventing Aging

Treating from the Inside Out: Why Supplements are the Key to Preventing Aging

The skin is a reflection of the actions we take on both the inside and outside of the body. Inflammation, nutrition, medications and environmental aggressors all play a role in skin appearance and health and it is important to think of the skin as a mirror to the body.  In a perfect world, we would get 8 hours of sleep, have little to no stress, eat nutritious foods, avoid pollution of all kinds and drink plenty of spring water. Let’s be honest, that lifestyle isn’t reality for most of us. Today, in our industrialized world, we have more factors that contribute to skin aging than ever before and on top of that we also crave a quick fix to reverse decades of damage. 

The epidermis which is the skin we can see on the outside is made up of many thin layers. Our collagen fibers are located in the dermis which is deep down past the epidermis so even if you use the most luxurious topical skin care products, healthy skin really starts inside the dermis. Thankfully the body is resilient and responds well to positive change and starting with high quality supplements are a great solution to encourage healthy skin to change from the inside out. Supplements help to fill in the nutritional gaps that we have as not every meal we eat contains every single vitamin and mineral our skin demands. Unfortunately nutrient absorption decreases with age and other factors so implementing a potent combination of key skin loving ingredients help to meet and exceed our daily vitamin requirements.


Beaumore’s Collagen Beauty Drink offers the highest amount of collagen available within a single serving as well as additional skin benefiting ingredients for a complete wellness cocktail that can be taken any time. Supplementing with liquid marine collagen nourishes and signals the body to regenerate its own collagen and over time, these matrix proteins and vitamins assist in building the skin’s structure and firmness. 

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