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Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body, accounting for about 30% of all protein in our bodies. It's one of the major building blocks that give structure to our bones, muscles, tendons, and skin.

Collagen proteins are large, insoluble fibers composed of a long chain of amino acids. There are a staggering 16 types of collagen, but the one we’ll focus on is Type I. Type I collagen is the majority of the collagen in your body and is what gives your skin, bones, and muscles their structure.

Why do I need Collagen?

As we age our natural collagen production slows.

Lifestyle factors such as diet, sun exposure, sleep quality, and stress levels will impact the rate at which your collagen depletes. Additionally genetics and hormones will play a part. Loss of collagen results in a sagging or loose appearance to the skin, development of fine lines and wrinkles, and weakening of the joint cartilage. 

Taking steps to adjust your lifestyle such as eating a balanced diet, wearing sunscreen and reducing sun exposure, and avoiding smoking can all help prevent premature collagen depletion. After menopause, however, “a considerable decline in collagen production is normal.”

Do collagen supplements work?

Supplements v. Powder

Because of the size of collagen proteins, collagen cannot be absorbed directly into the body either topically or internally. As a result there are two kinds of collagen supplements available–hydrolyzed and gelatin.

Hydrolyzed Collagen

Peptides have been broken down into smaller amino acid chains through a specialized hydrolysis process in which an ultra fine stream of water is pointed at a large collagen protein.

Gelatin Collagen

Essentially collagen that has been broken down through heat.

Collagen supplements have been used for centuries in Chinese medicine to help smooth skin and preserve joints. Modern science continues to study the effects on skin after ingesting collagen, with a number of small scale studies indicating an improvement in skin texture and elasticity after supplementing orally with collagen products.   

Collagen supplements support your body’s natural collagen production through what is essentially a feedback loop. As we understand the process today, “the presence of collagen fragments sends false signals to the body, indicating that collagen destruction has occurred. This stimulates the collagen-producing cells, called fibroblasts, to produce more of your own natural collagen.” Once collagen has been hydrolyzed into smaller peptide chains, it is more easily absorbed into the gut.

A 2019 survey of clinical studies found that hydrolyzed collagen peptide doses of 2.5g-15g can benefit joint health, skin health, and overall hydration.

Is Beaumore’s collagen better?

We utilize the wealth of fish in and around Japan to extract high quality marine collagen peptides using scales and skin that would be otherwise discarded by the fishing industry.

These marine peptides are smaller than bovine or porcine peptides and more easily absorbed into the gut. Our manufacturing partner sources their marine collagen from fisheries approved by the Aquaculture Certification Council as being the best choice for sustainability.

Our Collagen Beauty Drink

Small Batch

Manufactured in small batches in Japan every 3 months to ensure that every bottle is at peak freshness and efficacy.

No Mix Required

Your Collagen Beauty Drink arrives packaged in individual servings–no mixing required.

Orange Soda Flavor

Delicious orange-cream soda inspired flavor and can be enjoyed chilled or at room temperature.

Each bottle contains more than 8x the minimum recommended dose of collagen peptides, we recommend spacing your beauty shots out by several days at a time, saving you precious time and money on daily doses.

Collagen Beauty Drink