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Why Aren’t Beaumore’s Collagen Beauty Drinks FDA-Approved?

Why Aren’t Beaumore’s Collagen Beauty Drinks FDA-Approved?

As more and more people are made aware of our Collagen Beauty Drinks, we’ve received a lot of questions related to our supplements and the FDA.

The world of dietary supplements and regulation can be foggy at best and frustratingly vague at worst. Let’s discuss what the FDA does and what it means for you and our Collagen Beauty Drinks.

What does the FDA do exactly?

The United States Food and Drug Administration is responsible for regulating numerous categories of consumable products including: human and veterinary drugs, food production, medical devices, and tobacco products. 

What is the difference between regulation and approval?

The FDA serves two functions: to approve and to regulate. There are some items that the FDA must approve before they reach the general market, such as prescription drugs, food additives, and medical devices. Other items, like cosmetics and supplements, are regulated post-market. This means that, unless a product uses a totally brand new ingredient that has never been tested before, the FDA does not need to sign off on a formula before it hits the shelves.

If a company were to mislabel their product or the product was found to contain contaminants, the FDA would be obligated to enforce the removal of the product from the market. The manufacturer would be investigated and proper legal action taken against them.

Dietary supplements do have to follow a series of regulations, however. Dietary supplements must always be marked as such, and product advertising under the jurisdiction of the FTC. We, as a manufacturer of dietary supplements, are also responsible for reporting any serious adverse effects to the FDA that are brought to our attention by customers or healthcare professionals. 

If dietary supplements aren’t approved by the FDA, how do I know what I’m taking is safe?

It can be scary to not know if the supplement you’re ingesting is what it says it is. It’s important to be a smart consumer and always ask questions.

The FDA suggests that you talk with your healthcare provider before starting a new supplement. If you have further questions, ask the manufacturer! It’s our job to know what’s in our product. Never substitute a dietary supplement for a prescribed medication from your doctor.

Remember that no dietary supplement is intended to treat, diagnose, or cure. Unless your doctor prescribes it, it’s not medicine!

It’s always important to remember that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. We at Beaumore always try to set realistic expectations for our Collagen Beauty Drink. While we have seen amazing skin improvement ourselves, we’ll never tell you that you’ll see results in one day, week, or even month. Health, whether it be skin health or overall body health, takes time and dedication.

Next steps

Before starting our Collagen Beauty Drink regimen, learn more about our ingredients and what they do. Talk to your doctor about how a collagen supplement will fit into your life. If you still have questions, email us at and we’d be happy to work through your questions with you!

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