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Benefits Of Using Stem Cells In Beauty (& How They’re Sourced)


Plant stem cells are known for their amazing anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties in the medical field, so it’s not a surprise that they are becoming increasingly popular in topical skin care formulations. So what exactly are stem cells? Plant stem cells are formed in the maristems region of the plant and produce specialized new cells throughout the lifespan of the organism. Plant based stem cells are the origin of plant vitality and are capable of becoming any type of cell. Stem cells are responsible for multiplying and renewing the plant. Cosmetics on the market today don’t contain live stem cells but instead use active stem cell cultures or extracts which deliver skin rejuvenating benefits.

According to an article from PubMed, “Some research in the past few years has demonstrated plant cell culture technology as an effective method for extraction of stem cells in the development of novel cosmetic plant derived actives.” (Trehan, Sonia et al.) 

Plant stem cell extracts serve different cosmetic purposes depending on the specific plant. Rose periwinkle stem cells contain arbutin, an ingredient known specifically for its brightening properties. Stem cell extracts derived from apples show reduction in fine lines and wrinkles on the face. Stem cells from tomatoes are shown to increase antioxidant protection while also reducing heavy metal toxicity and this effect further promotes healthier skin.

Would you like to integrate the incredible benefits of stem cell extracts into your skincare routine? Forever Beaumore’s Stem Cell Cream combines a unique combination of active stem cell cultures from Apple, Grape, and Alpine Rose, to improve skin’s texture and appearance. These natural antioxidants and vitamins restore nutrients and hydration to dull, dehydrated skin while protecting from everyday stressors. We love applying this at night on clean skin to soothe and repair while we sleep. The Stem Cell Cream also serves as a luxurious daytime cream that helps makeup glide on, and when paired with sun protection, it works to fight the oxidative effects of UV rays and pollution. 


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