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Benefits Of Using Placenta For Beauty

Placenta. It’s all the rage in beauty right now, but what actually is it? And what does it do for your skin? Read on to find out. In mammals, the placenta helps to pass oxygen and nutrition to a developing fetus. Naturally, it has been incorporated in the skin care and supplement industry for its ultra nourishing properties. Placenta can be obtained from different sources including plants and animals, but the most common placenta extract used in skin care is derived from sheep. Placenta extract is known in the skin care industry for its antioxidant-rich composition consisting of amino acids, peptides, vitamins, trace elements, growth factors and nutrients according to a study cited on 

Beauty gurus swear by it for its rejuvenating and healing properties that help to slow down the aging process. The strong amino acid content in placenta aids in increasing collagen production while also decreasing hyperpigmentation, making it an incredible treatment step for brightening and firming. It is also known for its soothing and restorative effects, which make it ideal for irritated or compromised skin that is in need of some extra TLC. If you’re looking to try a placenta skin care product but don’t know where to start, you have come to the right place. 

Forever Beaumore’s Placenta Timeless Essence contains sheep derived placental protein along with hyaluronic acid and rosewater in a liquid form. When topically applied, this essence helps to illuminate dull and tired skin while promoting skin cell restoration, making it ideal for reducing fine lines and wrinkles and encouraging a beautiful glow. This ultra potent formula will stay fresh because it comes in a box set of six bottles so you will never have to be concerned with oxidizing ingredients or loss of effectiveness. We recommend dispensing 2 to 3 drops into the palms and spreading evenly onto clean skin. Apply to the face, neck and decollete AM and PM and follow with your favorite moisturizer. 



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