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Our Collagen Beauty Drink Formula

Our Collagen Beauty Drink Formula

This collagen-based drink is based on an advanced formulation of type 1 hydrolyzed marine collagen as well as a healthy ratio of other age-defying ingredients such as Vitamin C, B6, B3, Hyaluronic acid and COQ10. These key building matrix proteins and vitamins give your skin better structure and firmness.

Premium Collagen Beauty Drink is made in Japan and offers a huge advantage in terms of absorption rate that can never be matched by tablets or powders. Also, it has been subjected to scientific experiments and got ethically proven to be 100% natural, gluten free and safe. Our technology archives a high dosage + good taste. Usually, high dosage of collagen results a bad smell and heavy liquid. Our collagen drink, with Japanese high technology and innovative solution, we succeed to develop the best formula. Furthermore, our collagen drink is manufactured under strict quality control in GMP factory in Japan with a clean and well-sanitized factory. All production process without human hand. All process is made automatically.

Our exclusive formulas use high quality collagen to support your body’s natural rejuvenation processes, helping you generate youthful, healthy skin from the inside out.

Just as with serums, not all supplements are created equally. In fact, most other supplements on the market use low-quality grade collagen from horse, chicken or pig. But, as one of the leading collagen drink companies, we only source collagen from the highest grade of fish from Japan and are the only one to provide over 13,000 mg of collagen peptide in a single serving.

What’s the difference? Fish collagen peptides can be absorbed up to 1.5 times more efficiently into the body and has more bio-availability than other animal collagens. This high quality collagen is the most powerful way to help your skin stay supple and smooth.

Recommended Intake

Each box you receive contains 8 bottles (50ml/1.7Oz each) of pure hydrolyzed collagen. Drinking one bottle gives you 20 000mg of highest grade collagen protein and consuming 2-3 bottles per week will help in counteracting the degenerative effects of aging.

A 3 week supply is enough to see that you are on your way to a visibly nourished and hydrated skin.

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