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5 Side Effects of Collagen Supplements: Beauty Boost or Bust?

Collagen supplements are all the rage at the moment. Why? Because they actually work. However, everyone seems to forget to mention the potential side effects of collagen supplements — so we’re here to make sure you get all the facts. 

The truth is not all beauty supplements deliver on their promises. And finding one that actually does is about as easy as looking for a hair tie in your purse. Fortunately, when it comes to collagen supplements, the research backs up the hype

We know the perks speak for themselves, but how much do we know about the side effects of collagen supplements? Join us as we take a peek under the hood of collagen supplements and break down what to expect! 

What do collagen supplements do, anyway?

It’s no secret that our bodies go through all kinds of changes as we age — one of those being how much collagen we produce. 

Collagen is one of the most abundant proteins our bodies produce. It’s responsible for keeping our hair, skin, and nails feeling and looking their best. It also helps keep our immune system, bones, and joints in top-notch working order. 

You see, the younger you are, the more collagen your body produces. When you get older, though, your body starts making less and less. The result? Fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, a duller complexion, weakened joints, and more. None of us can escape it. But that’s where collagen supplements come in! 

So what are collagen supplements? Also called collagen peptides, collagen supplements are broken-down forms of ingestible collagen that our bodies can easily absorb. They can’t stop time or keep us from aging, but they can help us make up for our bodies’ natural collagen loss.

We’ve talked plenty about the benefits of collagen supplements before. Some of the most notable include:

  • Healthier skin
  • A more radiant complexion
  • Fortifies hair, nails, and teeth
  • Supports bone density
  • Soothes muscles and joints
  • Promotes healing
  • A stronger immune system
  • Gives you more energy

…just to name a few. 

But with any supplement, there are some mild side effects of collagen supplements

5 Side Effects of Taking Collagen Supplements

A plethora of articles and research shows that the hype around collagen supplements is the real deal. We know they’re legitimate, but what potential side effects of collagen supplements can you anticipate once you start taking them? 

1. Raised calcium levels

Too much of anything isn’t always good — calcium included. 

Some experts suggest that collagen supplements can occasionally trigger hypercalcemia. In other words, they could increase calcium to not-so-healthy levels. This is most common in low-quality, collagen tablets made from high-calcium marine sources (like shellfish). 

How do you know if it’s happening to you? Effects differ for everyone but typically consist of constipation, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, or achy bones. If you’re experiencing these symptoms, it might be time to switch to a new collagen product.

2. Changes in your appetite 

Wait… do collagen supplements cause weight gain

Quite the contrary! Some trials hint that weight loss could be one of the side effects of collagen supplements

This is due to a few reasons:

  • Collagen is more filling than other protein supplements. When you feel fuller for longer, you’re less likely to overeat. 

If weight loss is one of your goals, this one’s probably a welcome side effect. Otherwise, you may want to consult with your MD first.

3. Some have an icky after-taste

Certain oral collagen supplements can leave a not-so-yummy taste in your mouth. This isn’t just one of the side effects of collagen supplements, though — this is a common adverse effect of many protein supplements. 

This is why choosing a high-quality collagen supplement is so important. You can also try mixing your peptides into flavored beverages to help offset any unfavorable taste or odor. 

4. May cause changes in skin texture 

With any new supplement or medication, there’s never a 100% guarantee — the same goes for collagen supplements. 

So while collagen doesn’t give you acne usually, it can occasionally have an adverse reaction leading to increased skin texture. Although uncommon, this results from certain sulfites and chemicals found in more aggressive supplements.

The fix? Opt for trusted collagen supplements backed by science. Your skin will thank you!

5. May cause allergic reactions to those with collagen sensitivity

Everyone’s body works differently. For example, some people are hypersensitive to one or more of the ingredients in collagen supplements or collagen itself.

This can result in an allergic reaction. For some, taking other medications may adversely interact with collagen and other supplements. Checking with your doc is always a good idea if you're unsure. 

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