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About Us

The Beaumore brand was born from our own founder's struggle with problematic skin. Nhi noticed that her skin issues were impacting not only the way she viewed herself, but the way other people treated her. She received biting comments that "no one would buy skincare from her" because her own skin was so bad. Years of improper skincare and trying products that did more harm than good left Nhi feeling hopeless and lost.

A chance meeting with her future husband led Nhi to begin attending regular spa appointments in Vietnam. There, she discovered the power of collagen to aid in skin's natural recovery and rejuvenation. After seeing near miraculous results from collagen treatments overseas, Nhi returned to the United States filled with a passion to bring collagen to women around the world.

Twelve years later, Nhi and her daughter Jennifer are still working tirelessly to empower and educate women on the importance of proper skincare and its multi-faceted impact on your life. 

Since taking over as Beaumore's President, Jennifer has envisioned a Community of Care in which women support and encourage one another through the sharing of beauty, self-care, and wellness tips. As a former Miss Asian America pageant winner, Jennifer understands the importance of a positive, uplifting community of likeminded women. Her passion and excitement for women in business has led her to obtain a degree in International Business from San Francisco State University. Highly active in her community, Jenn can often be found emceeing Vietnamese events, collaborating with local non-profit organizations, and supporting other boss babes' businesses.