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Skincare For The Whole Body - Why You Should Care About The Skin Beyond Your Face

We put so much effort and care into our facial routine but tend to neglect the rest of the body. It’s easy to overlook your skin below the chin but read on to see why taking care of your whole body is essential to preserving youthful and glowing skin all around. 

Have you ever noticed someone that has glowing and plump skin on their face but their neck and décolleté show signs of sun damage and wrinkles? This inconsistency in care is very common but can be treated with a few changes. First off, preventing damage in the first place is essential. Be sure to take your sun protection from your face down to your neck and décolleté every day as a starting point. This is recommended year-round since UV rays penetrate the clouds even during the cloudy winter months. Next, cover your hands with sunscreen or gloves when driving. The hands take so much abuse with sanitizing and washing often and this part is one of the first places to show signs of damage and neglect. When cleaning, We always keep our  gloves nearby as excessive dryness breaks down the protective barrier even when rinsing off a few dirty dishes every day. A pro tip we love is pumping  antioxidant products such as our hyaluronic acid serum on our hands first and then applying to the face, neck and decollete. You can smooth any excess product into your hands. 

Experiencing inflammation and acne breakouts beyond your face? Don’t hesitate to use our turmeric line to calm acne breakouts. Start by cleansing with our turmeric cleanser and follow up with an application of the turmeric cream

We love taking a whole body approach to skincare and our collagen beauty drinks are the perfect way to do so. They bring antioxidants, collagen and hydration to the skin from the inside out. One collagen beauty drink contains over 20,000mg of marine collagen per serving and these effects are beneficial to not only the skin on your face but for the entire body. All you need to do is twist open 2 bottles per week and sip your way to youthful skin. Glowing skin is always in - on your face and your whole body.

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