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Skincare For Couples

Skincare For Couples

Couple in bathroom

Skincare for two! You have probably established your skin care routine by yourself but how fun would it be to do it together with your partner?! Here are some ways to bond over skin care while achieving a hydrated glow. 

Partner facials are a fun way to enjoy your skin care routine together. Set up your couch or bed like a spa facial. Lay a towel down and have your partner lie face up while you light a candle and put on some relaxing spa tunes. Dim the lights and warm up some facial towels. You can fill up a bowl of water with a couple drops of lavender essential oil and then soak a couple hand towels in the water. Warm the towels up in the microwave for 30 seconds. Make sure to test the temp before you pick them up to apply to the skin. 

Next, cleanse the skin with the Balancing Oil Cleanser. Massage in circular motions and then apply a little water to turn the cleanser into a luxurious milk foam. Remove the cleanser with one of your prepared damp warm towels. If you would like to do a double cleanse, try the Age Defense Cleansing Mousse next and repeat the process. Apply your favorite face mask and while this is sitting on the skin, massage the arms and hands using your favorite body oil or moisturizer. After removing the mask, gently massage one of Beaumore’s moisturizers into the skin. Our Silk Cream and Stem Cell Cream are luxurious and rich, perfect for dry skin or for anti-aging. Our Weightless Hydrating Moisturizer is a great option for oily skin and men love it as it’s lightweight and soothing. After applying the moisturizer, finish the facial with a gentle scalp massage. Now it’s time to switch places. 

End your skin care date by toasting to healthy skin with Beaumore’s Collagen Beauty Drink! Serve chilled and sip from the bottle or pour over ice in a fancy glass. You can even brew an immunity and collagen boosting tea if you’re feeling cozy and in the mood for something warm. Check out this IGTV episode where we show you how to make it here. Relax and enjoy the delicious orange flavor however you like it served while you bask in the dewy glow from your facials.

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