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Food for Your Skin: Why Quality Matters

Food for Your Skin: Why Quality Matters

Not all supplements are created equal and the last thing consumers want to do is spend their money and time on a product that promises amazing results but fails to deliver. Just as eating fresh fruits and vegetables to nourish and energize the body, high quality concentrated marine collagen is food for our skin. The key to achieving results from any nutritional supplement product is absorption in the body. Absorption of any supplement is based on the quality and bio availability of the ingredients.


With over 20,000mg of high grade marine collagen in a formula that also contains skin supporting ingredients, Forever Beaumore’s Collagen Beauty Drink is a premixed collagen superfood shot. Using fish collagen in our formula helps the body absorb collagen over 1.5 times more efficiently than other animal derived formulas. Additional ingredients included in Beaumore’s Collagen Beauty Drink are Vitamin C, Hyaluronic acid, COQ10, B6 and B3 which nourish the body creating an all-in-one beauty drink to improve skin health and appearance. 

Freshness is key to quality and nutritional benefits. We manufacture our collagen in small batches and order directly from Japan multiple times throughout the year to ensure freshness and potency. Most dry powder formulations on the market are derived from horse, chicken or pig and require mixing with water or taken as a capsule and contain only 13,000mg of collagen per serving. These powders aren’t fresh like a liquid formula and have most likely been sitting on a shelf for months before making its way to your pantry. 

Our formula uses a patented Japanese method using a high-pressure steam hydrolysis technology that breaks down the marine collagen molecule for maximum absorption and bioavailability in the bloodstream. As a highly concentrated and potent formulation, daily intake isn’t necessary because of this method making it more convenient for men and women to incorporate into their wellness routine.

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