Oily Skin Routine

Balance your skin with this collection designed for oily skin types. 

Step 1: Cleanse using the Turmeric Cleanser for its balancing and anti-inflammatory qualities.

Step 2: Apply one ampule of your choice from the Beauty Capsule selection. Smooth gently across the face and neck for a healthy glow.

Step 3: Use a pearl sized amount of Ginseng Cream to hydrate, nourish, and calm the skin.

Step 4: Apply a thin layer of Instant Beauty to protect your skin from the sun and create a smooth, matte base for makeup.

Step 5: Drink 1-2 sachets of Amino Collagen Powder daily to maintain collagen and nutrient levels in the skin.

Step 6: In the evening, pamper your skin with a soothing face mask and hydrating lip mask for a more balanced complexion.


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